ILDVR offers a wide range of video surveillance products and solutions. From analog to IP, we fine-tune every product line to help you develop the optimal project solution for your specific need.

Network Video Recorder

NVR records data from IP cameras. ILDVR Pro NVRs can also record video from other NVR/DVR to build complex and large-scale surveillance system.

IP Cameras

ILDVR offers a broad range of IP cameras including high speed dome, panoramic cameras.

Video Management Workstation

Workstations remotely access or manage NVR. Each model is highly configurable.


Click on links below to learn about ILDVR 64bit Linux-based professional NVR, and ILDVR Hybrid DVR Server (HVR) and LiveCenter for Windows.

HD Analog Video Solution

Analog over coaxial technology transmits HD video over traditional coaxial cable.

IP Matrix

Also called TV-Wall Controller, ILDVR offers small and large IP Matrix machines to build TV wall.

Analog Solution

For backward compatibility, ILDVR continues to provide analog product solutions and to ensure smooth upgrade.

More Products

ILDVR has carefully selected a variety of equipments for complete video surveillance solution.